3 Tips to Make Perfect Bob Hairstyle for ladies

Make Perfect Bob Hairstyle

Bob “is a specialized term for short hair (usually on the shoulders and ears). Like all other hairstyles, the bob has a lot of different versions. For example, A-Line Bob hairstyle (cut straight and long), Graduation Bob (haircut at the back of the neck), or Asymmetrical Bob.


Chocolate color bob haircut for girls

Recently, Blunt Bob (usually cut a line without floor or layer). That it has a balanced length from the front to the front) has been voted. As mentioned in the hair of the year 2017 by the magazine like Allure, Elle, or Fashionista.

As a designer always catch up with the hair trend, you are ready for the whirlwind Bob’s hair. Here are 5 tips to create a complete Bob’s hair.

Check for “abnormalities” on dry hair before cutting bob hairstyle

When customers step into the salon and ask for a short haircut, you will always read the mantra “carefully check the direction or crawling spots” on the hair of customer.


Short haircut – the hottest hair trend in the summer

Do not rush guests into shampoo to prepare to cut without knowing the “danger” waiting for us in front. This is a very interesting point because I’m sure you do not want to dry up the top of the head or worse, the crown of the client is growing upside down so it can not save.

Check  the hair near two ears

You are not allowed to forget this nightmare when cutting bob hair especially the bob hair using just a straight line cutting technique. You and your client do not want to have, after drying your hair, a part of the hair just below the ears of the customer.


Owning the beauty like Korean cute girls

To solve this problem, you should use a comb or a light scoop on the hair above the ear to keep the length, or even if you are very careful, you can clip the hair separately and fix it afterward tried to create a perfect line.

Check  the Top of the head

Of course, I do not mean to recommend that you do not cut the top of the client’s ponytail/partition. But cut the partition connection with the crown or under. We all love the Classic Bob’s Vidal Sassoon hair. And maybe your customers love this hairstyle, but let’s not forget that the hair that we cut every day.


Short haircut to combine with the glasses

Thick and coarse fibers are not easy to sticky. Therefore, the cutting will create the height at the neck will help us reduce the weight of the hair pretty much and will help the hair on the top when the cover is going to fold more.

However, if you decide to cut the connection, one point is to make it clear to your customers. To know that customers can refuse to pay. Because they think that you cut the bugs or when they cut their hair in another salon. They may be “hypnotized” as you are a bad barber.

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