Seasons change and hair loss (hair shedding)

Hair loss in the time of season change

Hair loss is a terrible thing not only for women but also for men. Nothing is more beautiful than a thick and shiny hair, but hair loss is the most common problem. Due to many factors such as environmental stress, aging, stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits.


Hair Loss in the dry season

In addition, they are lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, scalp infections due to use. Hair care products are not correct or products for hair and scalp are derived from chemicals.

On average, each day we lose 50-100 strands of hair. And these strands will be replaced by new hairs that grow up. But when the hair falls more, it is time to think about it. More serious to not progress to baldness or bald spot.

Hair loss in the dry season

The weather is dry, many people encounter hair problems. For example, abnormal hair loss, dandruff, dry hair, fibrous, even fungal skin. During the fall season, especially autumn, winter, oil glands reduce activity, air dry, low humidity.


Hair shedding every day

The movement from the cold, wet or dry air to warmer indoor environments makes the skin and hair drier. It causes leaving the hair soft, dry and fibrous, weak scalp, easy peeling. Leg hair is weaker, so it is easy to fall seasonal.

However, the amount of hair falling due to seasonal weather will not be much and last longer. If the condition of hair loss is frequent and prolonged, it is mainly due to hypersensitivity or allergic reactions of the scalp to the types of detergents and chemicals in cosmetics.

A solution for avoiding hair loss

In order to reduce and prevent this phenomenon, you should choose the appropriate care products for your hair and scalp, even selected in accordance with the changing state of the scalp seasonal.


Using herbal shampoo and conditioners to protect your hair

Understanding the condition that most of us are experiencing, O-way’s anti-fall and hair stimulation kit (Rolland brand) can reduce the shedding hair.

O-way is the world’s first line of hair care products containing ingredients extracted from natural, organic, and biodynamic sources that meet the Demeter ( the world’s highest-quality bio-energy product standard).

With the commitment to use only natural ingredients, O-way offers a comprehensive range of both physical and mental benefits that products of chemical origin do not.

O-way – Expert product for hair loss and stimulate hair growth

Understanding the principle of hair loss prevention must be rooted in the care and treatment of the scalp, thereby affecting the development of hair roots, shampoo, and Ovation hair loss treatment specifically. Simple but effective two-step process.


O-way oil is a good product to reduce the hair shedding

With a delicate cleansing action, remove toxins from the scalp, stimulate, restore blood microcirculation and nourish the hair roots in the first step, shampoo for radical hair loss. The use of natural herbal ingredients brought.

Special anti-hair loss treatment in the second step enhances the bond between hair and hair follicles as well as enhances the metabolism (oxygen) of the scalp, stimulates the papilla to create new hair.

At this point, the nutrients and vitality of the herbal ingredients have promoted their ability to the maximum, for a healthy hair.

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