Hairstylist’s confessions: “I love the color of high application”

The confessions about the suitable color

The color of brilliant sunshine has come on every corner of the street, urging hair stylists to choose a new hairstyle, and especially the new hair colors style, to mix the rhythm of the summer. To help hairstylists find a trendy haircut that honors their beauty, the hairdresser offers hints of warm colors.


Mr. Duong – the famous hair stylist in Vietnam

With 8 years in the career and a hair salon successfully built in Vietnam, Mr. Hop Duong always wishes to bring customers satisfaction and trust. He shared, “He loves the colors have high applications”. This summer, people choose a variety of warm colors, hot tones such as red, orange, red chili, bronze,… He finds it easy to fit many people, and also attractive”


The Customer comes to restyle for her hair

A great gift for a client – a new color style

To help fan feel better to visualize the hot hair trend in the summer of 2018, Mr. Duong has given his client a reddish-brown hairstyle. Especially, with the dye color of C: EHKO. The hair will be changed from the damaged hair to the covered hair, long and smooth.


The reddish-brown color hairstyle for stylish girls

Change the color is a smart way to change the hairstyle without cutting the long hair down. You also can keep the initial beauty of your real hair. A suitable tone will create a good looking for both your hair and your skin. Maybe your skin is more bright and soft and your hair is smooth, silky and smooth, no tangle, no shedding anymore.

In each season, you can update the new trend to restyle your hair on time. Enjoy the sunshine and the vibrant colors, you will definitely focus and your attention is extremely attractive!

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