2 most beautiful straight hairstyles 2018 suitable for all faces

2 most beautiful straight hairstyles 2018 suitable for all faces: curly hair blooms look very attractive but seem heavy and difficult to create tufts hair. That’s why sisters tend to change into the straight hairstyle. Squeezing, stretching is the method to solve this problem.


Long black straight hair for girls

Here are the beautiful pressed hairstyle suited to many types of faces for you to choose from!

1. Natural Straight Hairstyles

This year, naturally straight hair continues to be appreciated. Instead of hair straightening like the 1990s, hair straight but still natural or mixed with hair stamping, dye highlight, … the young people love.
The pressed hairstyle is especially suitable for short hair. Elegant, smooth with straight straightening and white long dress


Light color hair brings the dynamic style

2. Stiffened hair, squeezed – Straight hairstyles

A favorite choice is the puffy, pressed style because it’s unique, exotic and beautiful, suitable for many types of faces.

You can mix with the roof. Hairstyles help make your face look better
After referring to the beautiful straight hairstyles above, they must have added a lot of new suggestions for their hairstyle, bringing the freshest look appealing.

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Beautiful hair for white girls


Light brow for the straight hair in the sunshine


Reddish brow – the hot color trend in 2018


The long and thick hair for teen


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