5 places near Hanoi to ‘take away each other’ on holidays

Travel to many places near Hanoi capital

Easy transportation, dining services, a variety of entertainment, fresh air, not far from Hanoi are attractive factors for you and your loved to explore these places.

No 1: Ham Lon mountain:

About 30-40 km from Hanoi, Ham Lon mountain (Soc Son District, Hanoi) is the favorite destination for many people to choose outdoor picnic. Natural space of wild mountains, open air.
You and your family can travel here by car or motorbike very conveniently, just about an hour’s drive. Guests can bring food from home, then rent services such as tents, campfire, firewood in the foothills. No food service is available in the mountains.
The cost to enjoy a short holiday in Ham Lon mountain is very cheap. Only about 300,000 VND, you have the time to rest, relax in the mountains and forests in the city of Hanoi.


Ham Lon mountain – The best place to go camping


No 2: Dong Mo (Son Tay, Hanoi):

Dong Mo Tourist Complex and Cultural Village of Vietnam, surrounded by green water of Dong Mo Lake and dense forests of Son Tinh Island. This is a great tourist spot for families, but it is also an ideal place for young people to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, campfire, mountain climbing, cycling.
Visitors departing from Hanoi can travel by motorbike or bus. Rental of stilts in Dong Mo is about 250,000 VND / day, suitable for small groups or families. Hire tents suitable for groups of friends or clubs, have a pillow to sleep overnight. The cost of hiring a tent in Dong Mo tourist resort is about 400,000 VND-600,000 VND / person


Dong Mo -Son Tay where you can go with your family after hard working days

No 3: Dai Lai Lake (Vinh Phuc):

Da Luai is a romantic place, where tourists can walk, sightseeing, cool bath, fishing … Dai Lai is an attractive resort with natural scenery. nice, good service. Image:
With a cool climate, this resort on the holiday season 30 / 4-1 / 5 is one of the ideal choices.
Families with young children do not have to worry because there are many attractive games such as skiing, skateboarding, fishing or simply relax together, watch the scenery peacefully.


Dai Lai – Vinh Phuc – the wonderful place for long holidays

Destinations in Hanoi

No 4: Yen So Park (Hoang Mai, Hanoi)

This is the largest urban park in Vietnam, the largest green park in Hanoi, Yen So has a total area of ​​323 hectares. With a fresh atmosphere, the park is increasingly attracting crowds to enjoy and relax, especially on weekends and holidays.


Yen So park – natural park for your weekend

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